In the kitchen in May? Eating Super Local…

Stoked to be harvesting oodles of spinach and butter lettuce baby greens! I’m lazy when it comes to spreading seed, I never space it out so what I do instead is thin them once they’re of baby-greens size and let the others grow big ‘n’ strong. Works for me 🙂
One of what I call my “fancy pants” omelettes. I am not a fan of the big thick American style, preferring a thin French version to highlight the flavors inside. Not that the eggs aren’t perfection – this is my duck egg omelette (from our girls, of course) with home-cured salami from the pig we butchered last fall, homegrown spinach greens, sun-dried tomatoes, a wee bit of parmigiano-reggiano, and a tiny sprinkle of fresh rosemary from one of our many bushes in the garden (I went nuts this year so we now have 9 or 10 I think..the bees love them!).
While brekkie is being made, I’ve got 3 quarts of chicken stock made from the frames of a couple of our birds, and refilled the pot with more water to make even more. For our version, I save onion scraps in a reusable freezer bag with the bones and boil those with salt, bay leaves (from our bush out front – talk about a great investment!) and peppercorns, then simmer overnight. If I’m really patient I’ll cook til it’s bone broth, but I’ve not found it’s particularly worthwhile unless I’m trying to give the dog some extra goodies as it’s good for her nearly 14 year old bones. This will be beautiful for using in the baked beans I have planned for later in the week, not to mention literally any rice/quinoa/couscous/etc. – it’s way better than plain ol’ water!!
And, of course, homemade sourdough bread with the starter we’ve been using for the past year, donated by the local uber-sustainable bakery after I whimpered about how we’d killed our prior one. We are down to about 2 recipes’ worth of traditional yeast and it’s breaking my heart because while I like sourdough and my husband inhales it like air, I can’t eat it constantly and there are SOOOO many other types of breads I like to make. I’ve got plans to make a marble rye, and then hopefully will have enough to make bagels as there literally is nothing better than doing those right in your own kitchen. But then I’ve been wanting to make shrimp po’boys and need hoagies or similar…sigh…


5 thoughts on “In the kitchen in May? Eating Super Local…

    1. Haha well everything was easy except for the omelette and I so rarely make a perfect looking omelette that I had to photograph it hahaha (usually it looks more like a frittata by the time I scrape it out of the skillet…)

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      1. hahaha yeah i’m queen of the scramble. turns out that i was cooking them at too high of a heat so low & slow is now my method. this of course said while i’m eating leftover dinner for brekkie 🙂

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