New Beginnings

After over a decade of writing another blog, I’ve decided to start fresh, and return to my roots. Whereas my other blog wandered off into personal themes of widely varying natures, and bled me dry emotionally as I worked through the struggles of those first four or so decades, this time around I’m trying something new: focusing on the beautiful NOW.

Beloved Farms. Where I live today.

My garden. My home. My animals. My travels.
My discoveries made and my lessons learned as it relates to these…and my goals !
My pictures. My words. My life as I see it today.

Beloved. It’s what my name means and it’s also from the Carver poem Late Fragment. It is who I must be to myself and it is what I had inscribed on the ring my husband wears.

This life, this journey, this that is inside of me. I am the beloved.

(Aren’t we all?)

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